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Starting year 7 is an exciting time for students as they transition from their primary school to secondary school. At Wodonga Middle Years College we assist students any way possible to make this transition easier.

Students in year 7 experience a board range of subjects which are all based on the Victorian F-10 Curriculum. Within their home group students will follow a common curriculum throughout their core classes of English, Mathematics, Science, Humanities, CARE, Health and Physical Education. They also gain different experiences by rotating through additional fields with The Arts, Languages and Technologies that are then offered as electives in Year 8 and 9. For further information about our subject on offer please refer to our subject selection booklet.

Year-long subjects within home groups

  • English/English Literacy
  • Humanities
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • CARE/Health
  • Physical Education

Semester-long subjects rotated

  • Performing Arts – Music, Drama
  • Visual Arts 2D & 3D
  • Art Club (Selected students will be invited to join this class)
  • Language – Japanese or Indonesian
  • Food and Textiles
  • Design Technology





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