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On behalf of Wodonga Middle Years College it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our College via our website.

Our College along with Wodonga Senior Secondary College provides students with a seamless Year 7 to 12 pathway with the largest subject offers for students to fulfil their chosen career and follow their interests. Our three campuses at the Wodonga Middle Years College (Huon, Felltimber and Flying Fruit Fly Circus School) allow students to develop a positive learning partnership with their teachers in a small school like environment. We work really hard to enable students to be happy, healthy and resilient at school.

We are committed to delivering specialised Middle Years teaching and learning strategies that empowers students to be competent and lifelong learners. Our excellence across the curriculum and the promotion of additional learning experiences outside the school prepares students to have strong community connections.

We have a strong commitment to the Foundation to Career pathway through our involvement in the Wodonga Federation of Government Schools. Our transition processes are well defined from Primary School to Wodonga Middle Years College. We also ensure that our students are fully equipped to make full use of the largest subject offering in the Region when they transition to Wodonga Senior Secondary College.

To parents/carers making a decision about where to send their child we understand the importance of this decision and we would like to be a part of your child journey. We invite you to add our website to your ‘favourites’, ‘like’ our Facebook page to stay up to date with our Open Days, Information evenings, College Tours and interviews and our College news.

At the College we strongly believe that every student, every opportunity. Become an important part of our school community today.

Steven Fouracre
Campus Principal


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