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At Wodonga Middle Years College students who come from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds are supported in learning English by EAL teachers and teachers of other subjects.

New arrivals to Australia with very limited English skills are given the opportunity to attend the Blackburn English Language School, which is located on the Huon campus of Wodonga Middle Years College.

Blackburn English Language School (BELS) is part of the New Arrival Program (NAP) and provides intensive English language programs to primary and secondary aged newly arrived students from language backgrounds other than English (LBoTE).

The EAL students in mainstream classes will be supported in their Speaking and Listening, Reading and Viewing and Writing based on their English language levels. They continue to develop their English literacy while immersed in the content of a variety of subjects.

Some EAL students will be assessed using the EAL reporting pathway Year 7 to 10 Pathway C. Other EAL students who are proficient in English will be assessed using the Victorian Curriculum standards.

Interpreter service – Language Loop

Our College also offers a free phone interpreter service, this is called Language Loop. Click here to learn more about it



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