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Wodonga Middle Years College students are encouraged from year 7 to year 9 to engage in the Arts. Our subjects are designed to promote creative and conceptual thinking, self-expression, empathy, collaboration and self-confidence.

Students explore and reinforce their understanding of the elements and principles of art, through a range of projects and mediums. They learn techniques and skills using traditional and digital methods.

Teachers delivering these subjects are highly skilled and passionate educators/artists. Course material is designed to engage and allow students to excel against the Victorian Standards of Curriculum.

Visual Arts
In year 7, students focus on a term of 2D visual art, then a term of 3D visual art. In year 8 and 9 students can then specialise based on interest levels, choosing from an exciting range including Ceramics, Sculpture, Visual Communication, Photography as well as an extension of Visual Arts. The Vertical block also allows students in both year 8 and 9 to collaborate and build pathways into senior in both Studio Arts and Art Club.


Performing Arts
Students in year 7 have an opportunity to complete units in drama & music, over a term.
In year 8 & 9 students are able to choose from drama, music & dance. These subjects offer an excellent practical component, where students are encouraged to experiment with their peers, exploring different aspects of the performing arts. They are also encouraged to be involved with extracurricular activities; increasing their expertise in the performing arts.

The performing arts are exciting at Wodonga Middle Years College & offer students excellent pathways into their future years. Students are encouraged through “hands-on” practical experience to develop their performing arts’ skills, experimenting with different styles and having the opportunity to perform in front of their peers & external audiences.



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