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Here at Wodonga Middle Years College we believe in “Every Student, Every Opportunity, Success for All” that is why we have developed a new program ‘R3′.

The R3 Program is a dedicated program designed to increase student outcomes. Through working with parents, speech therapists, occupational therapists and other learning networks, we have developed personal individual learning goals in the key learning areas and set personal life skill goals for each student.

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“I like games, Math, Cooking, Jokes and Art.” “We explore new places in the community. Some places i’ve never seen before. These outings connect to our learning in class and we get to take photos of ourselves.” “I play Netball, Basketball, Dodgeball, Cricket and lots more! Exercise makes me so happy!”



Throughout the transition process in Terms 2, 3 and 4 of the previous transitioning year, we will develop a database of student names that are eligible for the R3 Program and we will offer them a place in the program.

Day to Day

We structure the program each day to suit each student’s needs for that day. The level of support varies each day depending on each student if they are experiencing difficulties or issues. The goal of each day is to help the students to be successful for their entire day and to help them meet their daily goals.


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