• WMYC Showcase of Excellence

    WMYC Showcase of Excellence

    Welcome to our 2020 Online WMYC Showcase of Excellence event. Here you can browse through a range of students works from the Arts. Tune in...

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  • Camps Week 2021

    Camps Week 2021

    Camp week 2021 is going ahead from 10th-12th March 2021. We are excited to offer a broad program for all students to engage in during the...

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  • Remembrance Day 2020

    Remembrance Day 2020

    REMEMBRANCE DAY CEREMONY On Wednesday November 11th, our College joined Wodonga Senior Secondary College and the Flying Fruit Fly Circus School to commemorate Remembrance Day for...

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  • Year 6 to 7 Transition 2021

    Year 6 to 7 Transition 2021

    Transitioning to a secondary school is an important step in a child’s educational journey. Wodonga Middle Years College hopes the information on this page will...

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  • Leaders Skill Building Day

    Leaders Skill Building Day

    A Leadership development Day provides an opportunity for our students to explore and identify their individual strengths and personality type. Through various challenges and activities,...

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End of Year Awards Presentation Monday 14th at 11am Watch Live
Camps Week 2021 Selections are now open Click to view our full program