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Wodonga Middle Years College (WMYC) is a multi-campus co-educational secondary school for Years 7 to 9 students. The college services the Albury/Wodonga region and caters for approximately 600 students. Both campuses are in attractive, safe residential areas. One is close to central Wodonga while the other is in Wodonga West. Both are serviced by public transport.

Albury/Wodonga is a vibrant, cosmopolitan twin city of 100,000 with annual growth of approximately 1% or 1,000 people per year. Wodonga is a Rural City of Learning and is located on the Victorian/New South Wales State Border. The twin cities support two Universities and two Vocational Colleges.

Albury/Wodonga is in a region where you can enjoy just about any interest, and indulge any passion, against a backdrop so beautiful it can take your breath away.


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