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Strong Foundations
Our Middle Years programs provide a solid foundation for future success by emphasizing literacy, numeracy along with the use of information and communication technologies across all subjects within the curriculum.
Our Middle Years program enables students to enjoy access to all key learning areas including LOTE (Language other than English). Good study habits, regular homework and pride in achievement are encouraged, expected and rewarded. Students are also encouraged to undertake enrichment, extension and acceleration programs. Consolidation programs support individual needs.
Wodonga Middle Years College believes education is a three way partnership with students, teachers and parents. Good communication between the partners is vital for student success at school.


Year 7 – A Confident Start
Year 7 students experience the personal care of an A-team (Advocate Team) teacher as their first level of support. Continuity of learning experiences and a smooth introduction to College life are markedly assisted by small teams of subject teachers and dedicated Year 7 Coordinators. Our specific Year 7 facilities include a Year 7 Centre, locker area and gardens.
We support your child with:

  • Special transition programs for our Year 7 students
  • Links to Year 6 teachers
  • Year 7 locker bays and courtyard area
  • Year Level and lunchtime activities
  • A-team teachers, Year Level Coordinators and Welfare teams take a special interest and care of students
  • Recognition of student achievement with awards, certificates and praise at assemblies. Further celebration of school service, sporting and academic excellence through visual displays and annual award ceremonies
  • Students and families are supported by a firm, fair and consistent approach to uniform and discipline


Years 8 and 9 – Challenge and Growth
Year 8 & 9 are marked by broadening choice and increased self reliance as students grow towards maturity and independence. At Year 9, students are also encouraged to make a commitment to service and leadership.
An active student leadership program includes School Captains, College Council, class, events and sports leaders.
The sense of self worth developed in these critical years equips young people with the confidence needed for the more self directed and adult learning environment of the Senior years.
The Wodonga Middle Years College provides:

  • A curriculum specifically designed to cater for the needs of middle years’ students to enhance student engagement
  • An emphasis on authentic learning that equips students for the real world
  • A unique recognition and achievement program (RAP), that acknowledges personal achievement within the College community
  • A realistic approach that focuses on developing strong values and sound personal qualities. A diverse range of leadership opportunities for students at all year levels


We Care
We Care about each of our students. Relationships between students, teachers, families and the wider community is vital to assist with the development of each individual, and is a primary focus of all members of our College community.

  • Student welfare is very important and a range of support programs and professionals are available to support students and families
  • We ensure specialized counsellors are available when appropriate
  • Teams of Year Level Coordinators and selected A-team (Advocate team) teachers are available to assist students in their daily management
  • Consistent consequences are applied to manage student discipline. The ‘No Blame Bullying’ approach is implemented to resolve student bullying and harassment issues that occur between students
  • Student’s attendance is closely monitored



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