Do you have to buy a new iPad if you already own one?
You do not need to purchase a new iPad, however the iPads must support at a minimum iOS version 14 or greater. As updates to software occur regularly support for older iOS versions is dropped. All WMYC supported software including D2L Brightspace, MS Teams and Microsoft Office suite will continue to operate in full from iOS version 14 or greater. This means the minimum supported iPad version for WMYC is the iPad mini 4+, iPad 5th Generation+, iPad Air 2+ and iPad Pro 9.7 Inch. We strongly encourage new students to purchase the latest iPad available as these devices will have an extended period of support over older models.

Are there any financial support options?
Wodonga Middle Years College prides itself on ensuring that each student has the same access to all learning equipment and learning opportunities. There are a limited number of devices available through our Library however these are “first come, first served” and should not be relied upon. If you do have any concerns, please the ICT team.

Do I need to purchase any additional software?
Most of the work that happens on the iPads is based on our Learning Management System, D2L, which is web-based and requires no additional software to operate. Every student is issued a Microsoft Office 365 account for free, which has access to the full suite of Microsoft Office products.

Do I need to purchase any accessories for the iPad?
Typing is a crucial skill for all students to be familiar with and because of this we strongly encourage families to purchase the STM iPad Case + Keyboard. The Apple Pencil is an optional accessory that can assist students in their learning, however, majority of students manage without it.

Can my child use an Android device?

Do to recent security changes WMYC can no longer fully support Android devices. They can still be brought into WMYC however we cannot guarantee the device will connect to the schools Wireless network and therefore support will be limited.

Do I need to purchase any textbooks?
No, all of our content is stored online in our LMS. Our teachers help develop the curriculum, in-line with the Victorian curriculum.

Does my child need to bring their iPad to Headstart?
Students will not need their device for Headstart. The setup process for their devices will happen with the CARE teacher at the start of next year.

Do students require an iCloud account for school?
Students do not need an iCloud account specifically for school, it is the choice of each family, whether a student has their own personal iCloud account or is a part of an existing family iCloud account.

What about other devices (Windows or Mac Laptops, Chromebooks, etc)?
WMYC will make a best effort to support all students at WMYC. We will do our best to support any device brought into the school (with the exception of Android as stated above). Please contact the ICT Team at WMYC if you have any concerns about the device you want to bring into WMYC.


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