What Notebook should I select?

A) The “Recommend Option” – Lenovo 500w Yoga, 8GB RAM, 256GB is the best choice for all students. This device offers the perfect balance of performance and price. It is designed with robustness in mind for education use and includes an Active Stylus for writing on the screen.

What is the difference between the Recommended, Multimedia and Budget Models?

A) The Multimedia option offers a larger screen and additional memory, storage and performance of the recommended options. Both options are a 2-in-1 tablet design, Full High-definition screen with touch enabled and an active pen for writing directly on the screen. We don’t believe these extra specifications are required for study at WMYC, however, this Multimedia Notebook allows students an option to have a device with larger capacity if needed.

The Budget notebook provides less performance, non touch screen or 2-in-1 features, no active pen and no rear facing camera. We feel there are too many compromises to this device to recommend this device, however it is offered as a budget option.

Regardless of the subjects studied, the “Recommended option” – Lenovo 500w Yoga, 8GB RAM, 256GB, is the best choice for all students.

What financial support can the school offer?

A) We are Partnered with Learning With Technologies who can provide a range of purchasing and 12-month interest free options.

In addition, we have established a support fund to provide a discount voucher to families with a Health Care Card. These vouchers can be applied when moving through the checkout of the Online Notebook Portal. We recommend families contact the campus their child attends to discuss the availability of these vouchers.

Can I still use my iPad?

A) As WMYC migrates to the new 1 to 1 notebook program, we will continue to support the legacy iPad program for the immediate future. While we encourage all future students to purchase a Notebook, this program is available to all WMYC students. Current students can continue to use their iPad if they wish.

Can I use my own XYZ brand notebook?

A) Personal notebooks are not fully supported by the school, although they can be brought to school for use as a reference device.

Due to the complex nature of our network environment and our enterprise grade wifi solution we are unable to support Android and Chromebook devices.

Only notebooks purchased through the WMYC BYOD Purchasing portal will be compatible with all the software and services provided by the school. These devices have been specifically selected and tested to fulfill the following categories.

  • Compatible with the WMYC Wireless network
  • 3-Year on-site Warranty including Accidental damage (To cover broken screens, keyboards, etc.)
  • Battery capacity to enable the device to be used for the full school day without being charged
  • Protected with enterprise level Anti-Virus and Malware protection
  • Access to crucial subject specific licensed software titles
  • Bulk and Education discount pricing
  • On-site stock of repair parts and standby loan notebooks
  • Designed for Student use over a 3-year period
  • Automatic backup of all school documents. Work saved on your notebook is instantly available on the school desktops and vice versa
  • Approved for online exams

Also, we anticipate students may have laptops handed down from older WSSC siblings. WMYC will continue to support these devices best we can. However please note that Warranty and Insurance may have already expired on these devices so support may be limited. We encourage all students to participate in the 1 to 1 notebook program.

What access do students have on the notebook?

A) All Students are to abide by the WMYC “Digital Learning Acceptable Use Agreement” (available on the Purchase Portal and via the school office). Students will have full administrative access to their notebook and can install any additional programs they want, provided it is in line with the “Digital Learning Acceptable Use Agreement”/p>

When will the notebooks be supplied?

A) Your notebook will be delivered directly to the school. We will complete initial checks and install all WMYC software that is required, then contact families to arrange a pickup time.
Delivery dates will depend on when you have purchased your notebook.

  • For purchases made before the 27th of October 2023, your notebook should be ready for delivery during Headstart.
  • Orders placed after the 27th of October, your notebook should be ready on the first day of Term 1 2024, or around 4 weeks after the order has been placed in 2024.

Note: We strongly recommend completing your notebook purchase ASAP to lock in a device. This ensures you avoid any possible price increases before the end of the year, and avoid any delays in delivery due to external factors.

What happens when you leave the school?

A) The notebook is yours to keep. Any remaining on-site warranty will still be valid anywhere in Australia. It will, however, need to have the school’s software removed and restored to the factory settings.

Can I use my WMYC notebook when I go to WSSC?

A) WSSC will allow students to continue to use their WMYC notebook at WSSC. However, please note that technology evolves rapidly and a device purchased at Year 7 may not necessarily be suitable for Year 10 and VCE study. Warranty and Insurance coverage may also have expired by the time a student reaches WSSC. For these reasons, we recommend students participate in the WSSC 1 to 1 notebook program.

What is the Accidental Damage Cover?

A) Accidental Damage is an insurance policy that will cover damage to your notebook that is deemed accidental. This might include broken: LCD screens, latches, hinges, speakers, keyboards, etc. Damage that is deemed non-accidental will not be covered by this policy. A Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) can be found on the purchasing portal page for this product. Currently One Accidental damage claim can be processed each year. We strongly recommend all families leave this option enabled when completing their purchase.

What cost is there for an accidental damage claim?

A) Insurance may include an excess fee of up to $100 for each damage claim, with a maximum of 1 claim per calendar year from the date of purchase.

A) The latest information regarding the 1 to 1 notebook program can be found on our website – http://www.wmyc.vic.edu.au/our-college/ict/
Alternatively, you can contact the School ICT team on (02) 6057 9004, or in person at your child’s campus.


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