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Wodonga Middle Years College aims to empower students to fully engage in a 21st Century learning environment. The college is committed to every student having access to a modern notebook computer. As we move toward the future, Students need modern skills such as research, typing and coding; but also require legacy skills such as handwriting. As such our recommended notebook option includes a 2 in 1 touch screen and an active stylus pen to provide grater natural interaction with our digital learning programs.

We have partnered with Learning with Technology to provide Notebook Purchase portal for all students attending Wodonga Middle Years College in 2023. Through this partnership we have negotiated prices and formed an endorsed list of BYOD devices to suit our curriculum.

BYOD Notebook and Year 7 Information Session

Wodonga Middle Years College will pride itself on technology innovation and have already begun to modernise the presentation of our curriculum. This relies heavily on students having access to a modern notebook computer.

We strongly recommend all students participate in the College’s BYOD notebook program. The devices provided through this program provide students with ICT support, software for any class, compatibility with wireless systems, printers and other peripherals, and also an approved platform for inertacting with our online curriculum platform, D2L Brightspace.

There will be two sessions held at each campus for parents and students to attend to learn about the new BYOD program starting in 2024. These sessions are open to all parents and students regardless of which campus your child is at. If you are unable to make it to any of these sessions, the first session at Felltimber will be live streamed, which you can access below.

View Live Stream

Felltimber (PAC) – Tuesday 29 August

  • Session 1 – 4:30pm
  • Session 2 – 6:00pm

Huon (Library) – Thursday 31 August

  • Session 1 – 4:30pm
  • Session 2 – 6:00pm

Ordering Process

  1. Visit the LWT Purchasing Page
  2. Select if you want to purchase with a 12-month finance plan, or Buy now via Debit/Credit card, PayPal or BPay
  3. Select which Notebook you wish to purchase – Recommended Lenovo 500w Yoga Gen 4 – 12.2″, 8GB 256GB
  4. Choose your warranty type. We recommend increasing the battery coverage to 3 years for an extra $36, but this is optional
  5. Enter your details to complete the order.

Your notebook will be delivered directly to the school. We will complete initial checks and install all WMYC software that is required.

Orders placed before November 3rd 2023, should be ready for pickup from the school in the first week of December 2023.

Note: There are large supply issues for notebooks based around COVID and other global issues. Because of these constraints, the above timelines can change at any point. We strongly recommend completing your Notebook purchase ASAP to lock in a device.

Warranty & Repairs

All devices are covered by a full comprehensive 3 year warranty. All repairs are undertaken onsite making for a fast turnaround to get the device back into student hands as quickly as possible. Warranty covers all non-damaged faults such as not powering on, Hard drive faults, and keyboard, mouse or touch screen issues that are not the result of any physical damage.

We highly recommend completing the insurance process on all devices purchased through our BYOD portal. Insurance will cover an accidental physical damage that may happen to the device. This covers things such as broken screens, damaged keyboards or system chassis.

To complete the insurance purchase for your device, complete the steps outlined in the email received from LWT after approximately 5 days. Please ensure you type your email address correctly when filling out your details during the ordering process.

We encourage all students to first bring their device to ICT@WMYC for all notebook related device and software issues. Our staff are highly skilled and can resolve all software related issues, provide advice and training on software packages and log all warranty and insurance claims on your behalf.