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Science Week 2018 has seen students explore Science through a number of experiments such as using  the Van de Graaff machine to experience first-hand static electricity. Science week celebrates scientific accomplishments made aims to provide an opportunity to educate young people of the role that Science plays in our lives.


Year 8 student Phoebe Maddison demonstrating the Van de Graaff static electricity generator.

Felltimber science teacher James Foley said that “At Wodonga Middle Years College, students have the opportunities in our science classes to link their learning in the classroom with practical science activities and experiments in our school laboratories. We cover subjects like biology, chemistry, physics and self designed experiments with links to STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths)”.

The broad range of topics covered at our College allows our students to explore a variety of fields within science, enriching their learning experience and providing pathways into senior secondary and tertiary science education.


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