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The Wodonga Middle Years College Harvest Program has been in full operation since establishing several years ago. Staff member Helena Foster has been overseeing the garden and harvesting of it’s fruits and vegetables from the ground up. Students regularly tend to the garden, learning about what is involved in growing the produce and then how to best utilise it in the kitchen, with the students turning their harvest into sellable items at markets and in the foyer of the Felltimber campus front office.

Harvest Program

“One of the aspects of the project is to teach the students about sustainability” said Helena “Students really like to see the plants growing and then to see how that can be used in their cooking classes, it’s exciting” she said.

On Tuesday Helena and Year 7 student Mason Stanley were in the kitchen, taking some of the Eggplants that they had harvested earlier in the morning and using them to make an Indian dish.

The harvest program is just one of the many programs that are unique to the Wodonga Middle Years College and allow for every student to achieve their full potential.


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