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Dear WMYC families,
We are delighted to put forward a terrific action-packed camp program next year. The 2023 Camp program is a school program and all students who attend the event must adhere to our school values on a consistent basis at school and while on camp. Students who do not follow our school values at school leading up to camp week will lose the privilege of attending the program. Students who are suspended, constantly refuse to engage in classwork, refuse to wear the appropriate uniform, refuse to follow instructions or threaten and intimidate students will be excluded from attending an overnight camp.

If a student is removed from camp for disciplinary reasons, you may lose your deposit and the cost paid for the camp.

Can you please help reinforce these expectations with your child in the leadup to the event in order to make the 2023 camp program a positive success?
Please see the link to our Camps and Excursion policy

Further information about our 2023 camps week can be found on our website here

Camps Week 2023


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