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Welcome to Wodonga Middle Years College. I would like to take this opportunity to welcome the interest of families in our College Philosophy of relationships, optimism and achievement. Through Restorative Practice and collaborative activities in and out of class, students at Wodonga Middle Years College will be explicitly taught to develop and maintain relationships, to be considerate of and respectful toward one another, and to co operate and achieve together.

Educational research shows us that a powerful determinate of students’ success at school is the relationships between parents/carers and the classroom teacher. This is why at Wodonga Middle Years College we place a strong emphasis on the relationships between the school, the parents/carers and the students. We believe that it is through the development of these relationships that the best opportunities are created for success at school. Parents/carers should expect contact from classroom teachers, A-Team teachers, Year Level Team Leaders and our Wellbeing Team to discuss students’ progress, you should feel comfortable contacting these people if you have any questions, information or concerns about your child’s education. In these situations your childs’ A-Team teacher is the first point of contact.

There is also a strong correlation between students’ optimism and success at school. At Wodonga Middle Years College, we aim to foster in our students a sense of aspiration and achievement. Through providing opportunities for success across a variety of programs and activities, we aim to build students’ confidence and encourage optimism and a sense of the future. Teachers at Wodonga Middle Years College specialise in teaching at the middle years of education; a time of great change and development for our students and a time where they are ready to explore and develop a whole range of capacities. Our teachers are committed and dedicated to providing engaging learning experiences that challenge students and allow them to experience success. Students will be explicitly taught the fundamental skills of literacy and numeracy. They will develop academic and organisational skills through individual and collaborative work and be encouraged to expand their skills and knowledge through a wide variety of engaging and challenging learning experiences.

Students will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of additional educational experiences through year level activities; whole school events, such as swimming and athletics carnivals, inter school sports, arts, activities, including drama, visual arts and music, language activities, technology competitions and many more. At Wodonga Middle Years College there are great opportunities for participation and achievement. We encourage all our students to become involved and to play their part in developing themselves and our college community.

I welcome your decision to consider our College for your son/daughter’s middle years education and invite you to contact  Will Pleydon, our Transition Coordinator, or any of our principals with any questions or concerns.


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