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Dear Year 9 Parents and Guardians,
As you will be aware we have decided to go ahead with the Year 9 Graduation celebrations this year after having to cancel the previous few years due to COVID19. The event will be held on Thursday December 1st. We are delighted to offer this great opportunity to our year 9 students, who will be able to celebrate the end of their Middle Years journey with friends and teachers.

The Year 9 Graduation celebration is a school function and all students who attend the event must adhere to our school values on a consistent basis at school and at the event. Students who do not follow our school values at school leading up to the event will lose the privilege of attending the event. Students who are suspended, constantly refuse to engage in classwork, refuse to wear the appropriate uniform, refuse to follow instructions or threaten and intimidate students will be excluded from the event.

If your child is removed from the Graduation celebrations due to inappropriate behaviour at school, there is a good chance you will forfeit the money paid to the school for the ticket.

Can you please help reinforce these expectations with your child in the leadup to the event in order to make the celebration a positive success?
Thank you for your ongoing support.

WMYC Year 9 Graduation 2022


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