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Health & Physical Education – Outdoor Education

The Health and Physical Education program promotes lifelong participation in physical activities through the development of attitudes, skill and movement competence. The program investigates the factors, including nutrition that promote and protect the physical, social and emotional health of individuals. Students learn to identify harms associated with particular situations and behaviours, and how to take action to minimize these harms.

Students learn these skills by participating in the diverse range of opportunities provided via the Health and Physical Education curriculum. They are offered an extensive range of physical activities that include: minor games, athletics, swimming, gymnastics, korfball, tennis, soccer, netball, European handball, dance, and softball.

Physical Education and Sport are delivered as two separate identities. Physical education is a break down of drills and skills which are predominantly teacher directed, opposed to sport, where students are responsible for the organization and implementation of their own sporting tournament. Health and Physical Education, theory-based classes are also considered to be of extreme importance. In these classes, students undertake studies in diet and nutrition, body image, drugs and alcohol, resilience and first aid.



Annual Swimming Carnival will be held at WAVES, Wednesday February 25, 2015.

Students are encouraged to wear clothes in their house colours.


All students are expected to attend.



The college’s Athletic Carnival will be held at the Pearce Street Athletics Track on Thursday, March 26, 2015.


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