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Our 2018 solar car challenge team took part in testing their car at QEII Square last week ahead of the race day to be held early next term at Transformer Park Wodonga. Students have been looking at the past cars that the school has submitted and have been identifying what worked and what didn’t work, implementing the research into their 2018 car. As race day is fast approching the team has been aiming to reduce friction and drag to boost the speed of the car. The challenge teaches students a variety of skills to help them with their studies in school as well as exposing them to the fields of electronics and engineering as future career pathways.

Matthew Wiencke is one of the teams industry partners from JC Butko and has been working with the students to build their car “It’s good to see the students getting a lot out of the experience, they even visited our facilities, getting an opportunity to see what is out there like after school in the industry”.


Our 2018 Solar Car Challenge team at QEII Square last week showing off their build after practice the race



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