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Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) Program 
SEAL Ad 2017 T42
Wodonga Middle Years College & Wodonga Senior Secondary College

The Program is offered to students in Year 7 at Wodonga Middle Years College. It is

run in conjunction with Wodonga Senior Secondary College.

The program aims to address the learning needs of gifted and high potential students

who are capable of working at a significantly faster pace and in greater depth than

their age peers.


The program has a limited number of places for very capable and committed students.

It provides

• Faster paced learning with less repetition, higher workload and more depth
• The opportunity to complete a compressed curriculum for Year 7 to 10 in just three years

• The opportunity to work independently and cooperatively with other students with similar interests


At the end of the three-year SEAL Program students have the option to:

• Complete VCE over two years

• Complete VCE in three years with extra subjects

• Complete a standard Year 10 and then VCE over two years

The SEAL Program is both demanding and rewarding. It will challenge and enrich motivated students. The SEAL Program is suited to students who:

• Are motivated and capable of independent learning
• Have a strong and positive self-concept
• Have high levels of maturity and commitment
• Are academically above average and who will perform well across most of the domains

Student Eligibility is determined by:

• Aptitude test
• Creative writing
• Interview
• Primary School Teacher recommendation that you are suited to this style of learning

If you have further questions, please contact the SEAL coordinator Marion Patterson at Wodonga Middle Years College on 60 57900.


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