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Dear parents/ guardians,

Thank you for your support in helping our students use appropriate language and to encourage them to follow all instructions the first time at school. I am delighted to say we have seen a significant improvement across the school as a whole in these areas- much appreciated.

5 weeks into the term, we ask you to keep supporting us to finish the term strong and reiterate the importance of appropriate language and following instructions the first time. A reminder that students who fail to follow instructions and swear at staff will be suspended, as per our Student Engagement and Wellbeing policy.

One of our school-wide focus areas for the next few weeks will be on student mobile phones. As you know it is against school policy to use mobile phones at school. Students, should they choose to bring their phone, their phone should be turned off and secured safely in their locker for the day. Please refer to the college’s mobile phone policy for more detail. If a student is caught using a mobile phone at school, they will be asked to take it to the front office for safe storage for the remainder of the day. Repeat offenders will have their device confiscated until a parent/ guardian can pick it up from the office. We ask for your support enforcing this expectation.

Gary Hodge
Assistant Principal


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