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You have been invited to participate in a survey to inform the evaluation of the Doctors in Secondary Schools program, which is a program that seeks to provide more accessible primary health care to secondary school students by offering GP services on school premises. Delivered jointly between the Victorian Department of Education and Training and local primary health networks, the school your child attends is one of the 100 schools across Victoria that are participating in the program. Your child may also be invited to participate in a survey, even if your child may not have used the GP services as part of program.


Purpose – DET has asked Synergistiq, an independent consulting company based in Melbourne, to evaluate the effectiveness of program. You and your child’s feedback will be used to learn about what is working well and what can be improved.

Parent survey – Your voice as the parent / carer is very important to us, as is any information you share that can help us to make the program better. The online survey will take approximately 15 minutes. If you are happy to participate in the survey, please follow the webpage link below to complete the survey questions at your convenience: www.research.net/r/DiSS_F_T3_P3

Do I or my child have to participate in this evaluation? While you and your child’s participation would be greatly appreciated, your participation is voluntary and whether you decide to take part in this evaluation is entirely up to you. Please contact Jocelyn Ziebell (Huon) if you do not want your child to participate in the survey.


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