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The Message is Clear – Students take a stand against violence in their school

Students from the Felltimber campus gathered in the Performing Arts Centre on Thursday to show their support for their schools stance against violence. As part of the National Action Against Violence Day event, the presentation consisted of student speeches, performances and a spectacular show by the Flying Fruit Fly School students, all with an aim to educate and inform the cohort about the effects that their actions can have on others.


The message is clear –  Students take a stand against violence in their school

As part of the College CARE program, students created orange hand cut-outs and wrote a personal pledge to stop bullying, these were placed around the letters CARE on the grassed area in the courtyard.

Year 9 student leader and MC of the event Kasey Kemp said ‘’the student leadership council would like their cohort to take these messages on board”.

The key values of the Wodonga Middle Years College are taught the CARE Program: Care for Relationships, Achievement through Aspiration, Respect and Resilience, Engagement


The CARE program’s intention is to have a point of contact in the day where student’s are able to meet with a teacher that gets to know them ‘best’ in the College. The class is structured and presented to students so that they can learn about healthy body and mind, conflict management, organisational skills, keeping a Binder and utilizing note taking to work for them, goal setting and mapping aspirational plans, balancing a study life with a social life, calming and meditation techniques etc.


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