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Lili Wilkinson, author of many titles such as After the Lights Go Out and The Zigzag Effect visited both campuses last week, sharing her journey as a published author. Students were amazed, hearing Lili’s story of success with now 12 published books, speaking with students about her passion. After each session students would eagerly line up to ask Lili their burning questions, taking the time to speak with each of them about their development as budding authors. IMG_9452web

Students pictured with visiting author Lili Wilkinson in the Felltimber library

Lili spoke to the group about the perseverance required to succeed in the industry with some authors never getting a chance to publish their work, giving some words of encouragement to the students, “practice is the best way to start and don’t stop, keep going when it gets hard” she said.

“All ways keep going, writing is hard work and it takes a lot of practice. A lot of people say that young people can’t write because they have no life experience, I don’t think that’s true , I don’t believe in that at all you don’t need life experience to tell a story”, said Lili.

Lili quite often is asked about the process of developing a unique idea to write about. Lili said “actually it’s figuring out what kinda of stories you really love to read or watch or consume or play I call them things that are sparkly, take those things that are sparkly and that’s what you should be writing about not what people want you to wright”.



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