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Congratulations to everyone who has participated in the Albury/Wodonga Eisteddfod.

Listed below are the vocal results. we apologise if we have missed anyone please let us know.

Special mention to Jessica Kennedy on receiving the Age Aggregate Award well done.


VOCAL DUETS 14 Years & Under

WMYC- Sharni Barton & Jenna Barton 2nd Place

VOCAL DUETS 16 Years & Under

WSSC- Chelsea Barton & Madeleine Kay 1st Place

Sydney Bax & Cobra Cullinger 2nd Place

SIBLING DUETS 14 Years & Under

WMYC / WPS- Sharni Barton & Maisy Barton 2nd Place

SIBLING DUETS 16 Years & Under

WSSC / WMYC- Chelsea Barton & Jenna Barton 1st Place


11 & 12 Years Character Song

WMYC- Grace Redman Highly Commended

11 & 12 Years Traditional Song

WMYC- Jessica Kennedy 1st Place

 11 & 12 Years Australian Song

WMYC- Jessica Kennedy 2nd Place

WMYC- Grace Redman Highly Commended

11 & 12 Years Sacred Song

WMYC- Grace Redman Highly Commended

 11 & 12 Years Jazz/Pop Song

WMYC- Jessica Kennedy 1st Place

WMYC- Grace Redman 3rd Place

11 & 12 Years Unaccompanied Song

WMYC- Jessica Kennedy Highly Commended




WMYC- Second Place


13 & 14 Years Character Song

WMYC-Sharni Barton 3rd Place

13 & 14yrs Vocal Character Song
Jenna Barton Highly Commended

13 & 14 Years Classical Song

WMYC-Zoe Freeman 2nd Place

WMYC-Alissia McClure 3rd Place

13 & 14 Years Traditional Song

WMYC- Zoe Freeman 1st Place

WMYC- Imogen Elliot 3rd Place

WMYC- Hannah Mulholland Highly Commended

13 & 14 Years Australian Song

WMYC- Zoe Freeman 2nd Place

13 & 14 Years Jazz/Pop Song

WMYC- Sharni Barton 1st Place

WMYC- Hannah Mullholland Highly Commended

WMYC- Zoe Freeman Highly Commended






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