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Dear parents,
The following information is in regard to the clean out of lockers, locks, and re-allocation of lockers for next year.

2019 Yr 9 Students: Year 9 students will need to clean out their lockers this week. They are able to take their locks with them to WSSC. Please make sure that all lockers are cleaned out and free of graffiti and rubbish prior to the end of this week.

2019 Year 7 and 8 Students: ALL Year 7 and 8 lockers need to be cleaned out by the end of Headstart in week 10. Students are to take their lock home with them for the summer break and return with it next year. If they lose their lock, they will need to purchase a new one through the school next year. Any student who does not clean out their locker will have contents removed prior to the beginning of the 2020 school Year. It is the responsibility of students to remove their lock and all items within the locker. If the Lock needs to be cut, it will not be replaced by the school.

2020 Year 7 Students: These students will not have access to lockers during Headstart. Day one next year, they will be able to book a locker online and will be given a lock.


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