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From July 1, you will see more police out and about in the community as part of the CommConnect initiative across the Eastern Region of Victoria.

CommConnect is a different approach to policing. Officers (usually at Sergeant level) will be assigned to engage with key stakeholders in specific sectors of the Police Service Area, more directly focusing resources to build stronger and more collaborative relationships.

Allocating ownership to a specific supervisor to keep our communities safe will increase presence and visibility and allow police to respond to and focus on victims and people in need in a more agile way.

As part of this process, local police are asking their communities what concerns they may have regarding policing in their local suburbs and townships and ways in which police can better connect and support the community to address those concerns. Each survey relates to a Local Government area, so please feel free to respond to the survey relevant to your area. Please know your information is totally confidential and will not identify you.



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