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My Career Insights is a program for all Year 9 students in government secondary schools. This program will help your Year 9 child to:

  • Learn about what skills and abilities they could bring to a job.
  • Find out about what jobs match their abilities, interests and personality, and the subjects they need for those jobs.

As part of the program, your child will:

  • Complete a series of online questions and quizzes (on the Morrisby Profile website) at school.
  • Receive a Morrisby Profile Report showing the results from the questions and quizzes, and possible jobs that match their abilities, interests and personality.
  • Have a 30-minute meeting with a Morrisby-trained Career Practitioner, who will explain the report to your child.

If your child does not participate in the program, or does not complete the questions and quizzes, a Morrisby Profile Report will not be created for them.

Extra Information about the program can be found on the CEAV website: https://www.ceav.vic.edu.au/my-career-insights

Important Information in relation to privacy

The Career Education Association of Victoria (CEAV) has been contracted to deliver the program. Students information collected by CEAV (or their consortia partner, Career Analysts Pty Ltd) will be managed in accordance with relevant privacy laws. Students can access their information via the Morrisby Profile website (https://app.morrisby.com) using their login details.

Please approve on the School Portal App for your child to participate


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