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Dear All,

Subject selections are about to open for our 2018 academic year.

The Subject Handbook will be hosted here for you to read about the Year 7 program, as well as outlining the elective programs available across Years 8 and 9.

Students will be able to access the Subject Handbook via Desire to Learn with links also on the College’s webpage and Facebook page.

The weblink for the online selections can be found at:

Huon: http://mysql.wmyc.vic.edu.au/2018-h

Felltimber: http://mysql.wmyc.vic.edu.au/2018-f

A Team teachers will assist students with information about subjects; selecting subjects for next year and completing the online process.

Subject selections need to be completed by 3pm at Wednesday 6 September.


To view the Subject Selection booklet click the link below

Subject selection booklet final copy






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